Indrani Datta Dance

Welcome adventurous and artistic friends.

I am a London born Kathak dancer. Trained in India and U.K by the leaders in the field it is my pleasure and passion to continue this stunning dance form in my home city. My love of studying, performing, teaching and communication all stem from Kathak dance. When you come and join me during my recitals you’ll see how I choreograph and perform using classic and modern themes to reflect our versatile heritage and current lives. Dance and especially Kathak dance has deep beauty, meaning and energy in it and envelops you in an undeniable posivity and romance for life itself. You fall in love with yourself when you watch and partake in Kathak.

Kathak for Kids

A passionate teacher is always ready to learn as well as share knowledge. My bespoke Sunday morning Kathak classes for children combines technique with improvisation, stories and games. Teamwork, vocalisation and leadership all feature in the classes. Students are given individual practice and performances challenges to meet and after class there is online support available on an ad hoc basis.

If you would like to know more about classes then feel free to drop me a line:


FB: Indrani Datta

Instagram: Indrani_Datta_Dance


Music & Movement

Dance is the visualisation of music. Yet there can be dance without music. It is a romantic and powerful way of painting in space with movement regardless of the story. When there is a story, the experience gets even more interesting.

Kathak, meaning to tell a story, is one of the most beautiful dance forms to grace the world. It is elegant, passionate, intelligent and brave. It is both historic and rarefied while also being modern and incredibly relevant.

Poetry, songs, readings, music all bloom even more when depicted through the lyrical lines of Kathak. Stories of love and loss among man and woman and gods and goddesses enrich the language of the dance.

Solo and group dance repertoire shows the versatility of Kathak. Technical pieces are full of dazzling displays of jumps, spins and intricate footwork and choreography. Expressional pieces then complete the repertoire with stunning stories of romance, devotion and bravery.

Music in Kathak is itself a thing of great beauty. Using both popular and rare ragas, recorded and live vocal and instrumental pieces are crafted to showcase Kathak in all its elegance.


Relevance of Dance

Self expression, lateral thinking, resilience, multi-level and multi-lingual communication are all core components of Kathak. The dance form becomes a pathway for exploring imagination and identity. It’s daily practice inevitably brings mindfulness, strength and compassion. Learning about the connectedness of the world through dance fills the dancer with positivity and courage.